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Reiki and Yoga Classes

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Yin Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Yin Yoga poses focus on the connective tissues as well as the meridians that end in the lower body. Sensation is the primary aspect, alignment is secondary. Postures are held for extended periods of time to foster a state of relaxation in the body that facilitates the development of flexibility.
Postures are performed mostly sitting or lying on the mat for promoting growth, clearing energy blocks, and enhancing circulation. This class is highly beneficial for athletes. It aids in the rehabilitation of the connective tissue that forms the joints and increases one's ability to perform other activities by aiding in the lubrication and flexibility of joints
Introducing Your Yin Yoga Instructor - Amanda Montoya
Amanda Montoya, Yoga Instructor Amanda has been doing Yoga for 8 years after hearing about it from a friend. Living in Alaska she did Yoga to center herself and help with the seasonal depression she had developed.
Since the first class, she has been passionate about the benefits of Yoga and tries to share it with everyone. 2 years ago she was given the opportunity to take a teachers training course and jumped on it. Amanda enjoys sharing her bliss with anyone who needs it.
She is always honoring the connection between mind, body and spirit. She has three kids that also enjoy Yoga. In her free time you may catch her outdoors on some sort of adventure with her family.


Couples Massage Class

Couples Massage Class This class is designed to help couples bond through the gift of massage. You will each receive instruction on the basics of giving a 45 minute Swedish massage to your partner. Enjoy sparkling cider, chocolates and of course...Massage!
This class will be held on the 4th Saturday evening of every month.
$75.00 per couple and 2 couples per class.
Limited availability so schedule today!

Kangen Water Class

Kangen Water Class We would like to offer you the chance to attend a free class held at Holistic Healing Therapies to teach you more about Kangen Water! You will be astonished and amazed about what you have been drinking and some of the health benefits of drinking alkaline water!
Kangen water has even been listed as number 1. in anti-cancer treatments by the Anti-Cancer Institute - their top 10 recommendations for cancer. Please join us for this free 1 hour seminar to learn more about your health and wellness. Sign up with the link of above quickly as availability is limited!
If you would like to purchase a Kangen Machine please call 719-645-9533 or follow this link

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